Könner & Söhnen ATS - Connector KS 4/25 Inverter

Battery voltage DC8.0-18V
Voltage 230/400 V
Power 230 V 5.75 kW (11.5 kW)
Current (max.) 230 V 25 А (50 А)
Power 400 V 13 kW
Current (max.) 400 V 25 А
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Könner & Söhnen ATS - Connector KS 4/25 Inverter
ks ats 4 25 gasoline thumb
349 € –25 %

Könner & Söhnen ATS-Connector KS 4/25 Inverter

The ATS unit (automatic transfer to emergency power) automatically starts the generator and transfers the load when the main power supply is interrupted. The unit automatically stops the generator when the main power supply is restored.

Gasoline and diesel generators with an e-starter are equipped with an 8-pin connection socket for connecting an automatic transfer switch unit. The ATS unit has a controller for programming the automatic start/stop of the generator in case of power failure and after its recovery, the generator warm-up time before load connection and for signalling detected faults. It has a generator stop switch. The ATS unit can be used in both automatic and manual mode.


  • Automatic / manual operation
  • Programming the motor start time after a power failure
  • Programming the warm-up time of the engine before load connection
  • Setting the starter operating time
  • Monitoring the engine power
  • Charging the battery with the generator switched off

* Sold only with an inverter generator from Könner&Söhnen, not separately !!!





Additional parameters

Category: ATS-Schalter
Weight: 6 kg
Akkuspannung: DC8.0-18V
Spannung: 230/400 V
Leistung 230 V: 5.75 kW (11.5 kW)
Stromstärke (max.) 230 V: 25 А (50 А)
Leistung 400 V: 13 kW
Stromstärke (max.) 400 V: 25 А
Arbeitsumgebung: -10°C bis +55°C, ⩽60% rF
Speicherumgebung: -10°C bis +70°C, ⩽60% rF
IP-Schutzklasse: IP41
Isolationsklasse: AC1.0KV/1min 1mA
Maximaler Batterieladestrom vom eingebauten Netzteil:
Steuerkabellänge: 5 m
Abmessungen Netto (L*B*H): 320 х 250 х 140 mm
Abmessungen Brutto (L*B*H): 405 х 325 х 200 mm
Nettogewicht: 6.0 kg
Bruttogewicht: 6.5 kg
Strichcode: 4,26041E+12

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The products of "Könner & Söhnen" are the result of years of work by German experts who have adopted only the best of world-famous trade brands and taken into account the needs of consumers. Generators and gardening technology of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand were developed by German engineers to realise the term "Volkstechnik" as a synonym for quality and availability.

The K&S trade brand pursues the goal of making traditional German quality accessible and affordable for everyone. In doing so, honest, careful craftsmanship and customer satisfaction are passed on as enduring values from generation to generation, from master craftsman to apprentice, from father to his sons, from manufacturer to consumer. With the aim of guaranteeing our customers tested quality products at the best prices.

Due to the presence of many German brands that occupied their niches in the upper price segments, a new brand was needed that delivered high quality at a reasonable price. Thus the brand "Könner & Söhnen" was born. With a modernised range of in-house manufactured engines for generators, the owner of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand finally decided to expand the range. Now, a comprehensive range of garden tillers and motor pumps of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand is available to consumers. The experts of our company have made every effort to achieve unparalleled quality, which can be purchased at a reasonable price, with reliable service. All products are assembled in the factories under constant control of the German experts. All products are tested at the various stages of production.

All our products meet European and international standards for quality, economy and environmental friendliness (including pollutant emissions and noise pollution). The range of engines used for the generators, tillers and motor pumps of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand is the result of a selection from the world's leading manufacturers of engines, as well as innovative research and permanent testing at every stage of production. For the Könner & Söhnen brand, motors are exclusively developed and licensed which are unique on the market and tailored to the requirement profile of their application. A continuous, individual serial number for our engines ensures constant and careful quality assurance of our products and services. This enables us to monitor the production and service quality. Testing in continuous operation ensures the higher motor performance with specified nominal voltage in long-term use.

The trade brand "Könner & Söhnen" attaches great importance to the satisfaction of its customers and aims to meet the need for reliable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective operation by technically optimising and expanding its product range. With our years of experience and loyal business partners, we provide our customers with a wide range of generators:

  • Gasoline, hybrid and diesel generators with different power ranges from 1.0 kW to 15.6 kVA;
  • Generators for special purposes (inverter generators, generators for welding equipment, industry and construction);
  • We implement and use the latest technologies such as EFI (electronic fuel injection), PVA (alternator that produces a cleaner sine wave), turbo mode (mode with increased starting power of up to 20%), EURO V (the latest exhaust emission standards), etc.
  • All "Könner & Söhnen" units have a power reserve compared to the specified power, which ensures trouble-free and stable operation over the entire load range. The result of our work is the technology that fully corresponds to the fundamental motto of our team: "TRADITIONAL GERMAN QUALITY".

High-quality products of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand are recognised by international experts and prestigious awards. In 2019, the products of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand received the German Plus X Award in three categories - "high quality", "functionality" and "user-friendliness". The products of the "Könner & Söhnen" brand are already available in over 15 European countries for more than 300 million people.

We offer our customers and business partners a worry-free range of services, from the supply of accessories to competent advice on technical matters and the provision of elaborate marketing strategies. "Könner & Söhnen" is interested in continuous, dynamic development and welcomes new business partners and sales markets.
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